About this portal

Welcome to IAB Professional Learning portal, or eP@CPD. 

This is the IAB online continuous professional learning portal developed for Malaysia educational leaders.  The portal will contain online courses related to the leaders' need to become effective and successful in leading and managing their schools or department.  The portal will also provide the leaders, a virtual learning environment for them to interact, collaborate and learn from each other.  These include online PLCs and learning networks. 

The portal is built on the

 This portal is mobile-ready.  You can access all the resources and activities, save them and read or attempt them at later time off-line.  For this, you need to download and install the Moodle Mobile app, from Google Play or Apple Apps Store.  

for more information about the mobile features of Moodle please go to  https://download.moodle.org/mobile

Ini adalah portal Pembangunan Profesional Berterusan (PPB)  di IAB.  Portal ini akan menyokong semua kursus-kursus CPD (Pembangunan Profesional Berterusan) di semua pusat dan cawangan IAB

Diurus tadbir oleh Jabatan e-Pembelajaran IAB, 
Pusat Pengurusan Teknologi, IAB Enstek.

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